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Repeat Offender:  The True Story Of How The Biggest Thief Las Vegas Ever Knew Was Brought Down

An amazing true crime story told through the eyes of Bradley Nickell, an experienced detective in Las Vegas... Some people call it Sin City.

Daimon Monroe, one of the most prolific criminals ever known in Las Vegas was brought down with his gang of thieves. Some people knew him as Daimon Hoyt. His true name wasn't known for sure.

Crime paid Daimon well for many years. But when he and his band of criminals were uncovered, they were convicted of many offenses. Unexpectedly, that did not bring about the end of the story. From there, things spiraled out of control.

From his jailhouse cell, Daimon plotted the murder of a judge, a prosecutor and Detective Nickell.

Hell bent on revenge, he would stop at nothing to destroy those responsible for bringing him to justice.

Dark, sinister things that Monroe did to his family were discovered.

On the outside, Daimon looked like an average guy living in an average neighborhood. Scratch the surface a little and a criminal would appear. Dig deeper and it became clear that Daimon's crimes were endless.

When Detective Nickell began investigating Daimon, he was a 19-time convicted felon. After several years, dozens of delays in the court system and several jury trials, the investigation was finally brought to a close.

Some of the most incredible examples of how the U.S. justice system works and doesn't work are exposed in the story. You will be able to decide if you think justice was served.



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