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"If you like mayhem, madness, and suspense, Repeat Offender is the book to read. It's a provocative journey into a world one rarely uncovers, with shocking twists and turns that will keep you riveted!"

Aphrodite Jones, New York Times bestselling author of Cruel Sacrifice and Host of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones on the Investigation Discovery Network


“This will be the ride-along of your life. Repeat Offender takes you here, there and everywhere into the world of repeat offenders, cops, justice and injustice.

The ultimate detective, Bradley Nickell, expertly takes you through it all with brilliance and dedication.

The shocking conclusion helps the reader understand everything about the system all at once. Fasten your seat belts!”

Anne Bremner, high-profile attorney and internationally recognized television legal analyst


"Career criminals are hard to catch and even more difficult to send to prison. Daimon Monroe met his match when he decided to prey upon the citizens of Las Vegas. Detective Brad Nickell, an LVMPD Repeat Offender investigator, caught Monroe’s case, sunk his teeth in it, and did not let go until Monroe was sentenced to life in prison.

Repeat Offender takes the reader from the beginning stages of an investigation until the criminal is taken away, in handcuffs and belly chains, for a prison cell.

The reader will learn, as I have known for years that Detective Nickell is a persistent, meticulous detective who does not quit until justice is done. Despite knowing that Daimon Monroe had sought to put out a contract on Detective Nickell’s life, he remained undeterred and followed through with the case until the final gavel was struck.

Repeat Offender is a fascinating, behind the scenes look at an investigation and prosecution of a notorious criminal. You won’t want to put it down."

David Roger, District Attorney of Clark County, NV (retired)



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